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How the Most Successful Online Entrepreneurs Grow Their Companies and Get More Sales Using Facebook Ads

And How You Can Too...Even If You’ve Tried Them Before and They “Didn’t Work”

  • Use Facebook Ads to grow your business
  • Reach more people more often who need your products or services 
  • See bigger results from your advertising
  • Grow your email list and fill it with your ideal clients
  • Manage Facebook Ads for clients to expand your business services 

CYBER MONDAY DEAL: $300 OFF! Enrollment Closes Thursday, November 30 at 11:59pm EST

If you would like to multiply your income and drastically increase the amount of people you drive to your website or through the front door of your business while saving thousands of dollars on advertising, this will be one of the most important messages you’ve ever read. Before I tell you why, I want to introduce you to two people who represent two types of business owners when they hear how Facebook Ads can grow their business.

Meet Anna — Anna runs an online coaching business and turned her Facebook Frustrations into a Booming Email List with a Low Cost Per Conversion.

Anna was trying to grow her email list. She explained to me that she KNEW she could get better costs per conversion, but didn’t know what she was doing wrong. She knew the basics of Facebook Ads, but not enough to troubleshoot why her costs were through the roof! She was frustrated and didn’t want to continue to waste money on ads that were costing her way more than she expected.

Enter Me — Laura Ball — old school marketer turned self-proclaimed Facebook Ad freak.  

I met Anna at Amy Porterfield’s Live B-School event in San Diego (Proud B-School grad here!). When she learned I ran Facebook Ads for clients, she jumped for joy. I offered to dive into her ad account to do some troubleshooting. I determined her targeting was off. The numbers don’t lie and they do tell you what steps to take next to make changes to your ads. I was able to get her a positive ROI on her ads and significantly increase her email list with waayyyy lower cost per conversions (like from $6 to $1.50 opt ins!).

Anna Powers Profile Photo

Here’s what Anna had to say:

“Laura is AWESOME to work with when it comes to Facebook Ads - she will tweak and tweak to make sure your ad starts getting some traction. I met Laura at Amy Porterfield’s B-school, and she helped me lower my cost per conversion to one-third of what it was!” - Anna Powers, Success Coach and Copy Couturier™


Donna Shin Profile Photo

Meet Donna — A Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor who wanted to take her local practice online.

Donna is a successful therapist who wanted to grow an online presence, grow her email list, and create a Facebook group. Donna is also a Facebook (and Facebook Ad) newbie. Her mentor, Mastin Kipp, advised her that using Facebook to gain brand awareness and grow her email list would allow her to help more people in the online world in addition to her thriving local practice, but she didn’t know where to begin.

Enter Me — Laura Ball — ya know, the old school marketer turned self-proclaimed Facebook Ad freak from up above 

I ‘met’ Donna inside a mutual Facebook group. She reached out for some guidance and after taking a peek inside of her ads account, I realized that she was using the completely wrong ad objective. That’s the very first thing you see when you start to build an ad inside of Ads Manager. Facebook asks “What’s your ad objective?” and you have a choice of 11 different options. 11!!!

This is one of the most common mistakes that entrepreneurs make. They choose the WRONG ONE and that means their ads are going to tank! After a few tweaks, we started getting her opt ins around $1.50.

Many eager to earn entrepreneurs want to build bigger businesses and grow larger lists using Facebook Ads, but shriek every time they get started or get their campaign results back.

In fact, you still may be thinking...  

  • “I take one look at Power Editor and want to run for the hills. I don’t understand what all of those numbers and stats mean!”
  • “I’m scared of wasting my money on Facebook Ads that don’t bring in more customers or more sales”

But, imagine what could happen to your business if you knew exactly how to harness the true power of Facebook Ads, because...  

  • Facebook has over 1.8 billion active users, which means your target market and ideal customers are on there.
  • Facebook allows you to laser target your ads and focus on your ideal customers, so you can get into their newsfeeds, connect with them, and attract them to your business.
  • You CAN use them to grow your business like thousands of other successful business owners by following what I teach
  • Once you’ve had over-the-shoulder training on how to use Power Editor, it’s really easy to navigate ( trust me, I don’t have a Silicon Valley tech trophy either).
  • Facebook is one of the cheapest, most effective forms of advertising available to anyone. You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars a day to reach your perfect customer. In fact, you can spend as little as $5/day to reach the exact people who are more likely to buy from you.

Now, you might be thinking, “That’s great, Laura! But, I don’t have the budget to work with someone one-on-one with my Facebook Ads.”  

But, what if I told you you can have an experienced wingman show you the ropes with lots of personal interaction without having to pay exorbitant one-on-one consultation fees?

I’ve Created a Step-by-Step Facebook Ads Course That Teaches You ALL of My Secrets And Gives You Hands-On Access to Me For Questions and Troubleshooting 

In it, I reveal hundreds of effective strategies, tips, principles, and guidelines in step-by-step video lessons that show you everything you need to know to use Facebook Ads to grow your business. This isn’t your typical course where you watch a bunch of videos and post a question in the private membership group yet get no feedback or never see the coach in the group.

I’m a “Johnny on the Spot” Gal And When I See a Question, I pounce. You Won’t Buy this Course and Never See Me.

Many of my students and colleagues know this about me and appreciate the personal interest I take in the success of their ads and campaigns. I’m known for making additional short videos for people, so they can see what I’m trying to explain and you’ll understand that once you start your training modules and get into the group.

 I Use Small Words And Crayons (Ok - not literally) to Make Tough Concepts Really Easy to Understand and Apply 

I want nothing more than to make Facebook Ads easy for my students, so they can truly succeed with them.

In fact, here’s what a few of my students have said about my Facebooks Ads course and knowledge as an ads strategist:

“Laura is the Sharpest Facebook Ads Strategist I Know and This is Easily the Best Course on the Market”

Holly Mthethwa Profile Photo

“Laura is one of the sharpest Facebook Ads strategists I’ve ever met. I knew Laura was a game-changer when it comes to Facebook Ads, but I didn’t know how much Laura knew about Facebook Ads until I went through her course.

I learned so much about what I was doing wrong and how to correct it. I also learned how to actually read the numbers to understand what they were telling me about my ads, so I could make adjustments that actually work. This is easily the best course on the market for Facebook Ads.”

- Holly Mthethwa, Copywriter for Online Business Owners

“I Bought Every Other Course on Facebook Ads and Still Didn’t Have a Clue​ —​ Until This Course!”

“I don’t think I’ve ever spoken to anyone who knows Facebook Ads better than Laura does. I took the beta class that Amy Porterfield ran years ago and then bought every other course on Facebook Ads and still didn’t have a clue. Laura explains things so clearly that anyone can understand.” 

- Tracy Otsuka, Founder of Coretography

Tracy Otsuka Profile Photo

Not only do I share with you what I’ve learned after becoming a Facebook Ads strategist, but how I’ve used Facebook Ads to help my clients get .97 cent leads to grow their email lists in some of the most competitive industries.

Check out some of Amy Beth Hopkins’ Results:

Amy Beth & Dr. Alan Hopkins Profile Photo

Amy Beth Hopkins (and Dr. Alan Hopkins) wanted to promote their Fresh Start Kit and run a video ad to grow their email list.

Amy Beth Hopkins FB Ads Stats Screenshot

I helped them get a $0.97 cent conversions and grow their email list by 106 new leads on a small budget.

Most business owners recognize there is potential with Facebook Ads, but don’t know what they’re doing so they shelve them for a later date when they can go through some guides or get some advice. Or they dive in head first after watching a few free trainings and waste TONS of money because they’re not using the correct ad objective or targeting the right people.


The Facebook Ads Classroom: A Step by Step Course for Beginners

You won’t find this information in blog posts, Facebook groups, or books, because I don’t just teach you theory, I teach you from experience. I walk you through how I’ve helped floundering Facebook Ad users get results they haven’t seen on Facebook or in any other form of advertising by showing them how Facebook Ads actually work and how to use them effectively.

In this course,

  • You learn how to get your advertising costs down and your ad conversions high.
  • I show you what effective ad copy looks like and how to select the right images that will resonate with your audience.
  • Before even running an ad, I show you how to map out your goals and objectives (every ad and campaign has to have a goal behind it and a plan for achieving that goal)
  • I don’t just teach you how to run Facebook Ads, I teach you how to set up your Facebook Page, the amazing free tool you can use to make a great cover image, and how to engage your followers with your content for greater organic reach.
  • You get a mapped out strategy for how you can grow your email list and use Facebook to nurture warm leads into sold customers who rave about your product or services.
Screenshot of testimonial from Leesa Scott on Facebook

The Facebook Ads Classroom will teach you everything, including:

Ads Master Power Editor and learn how to effectively create and place your own successful ads. You’ll watch over-the-shoulder tutorials and learn how to set up a campaign, ad sets, and ads plus discover how to laser target customers who are more likely to buy from you or hire you.

Insights, Metrics, and Reports Find out how to track the right results, create custom reports that show you everything you need to know, and how to replicate what’s working, so you can scale your ads and get bigger, better results.

Organic Reach Learn how to engage your audience for more organic likes, shares, comments, and reach. Grow your community and decrease the cost of your leads and customers later on.

Lead Generation Strategy Discover the exact strategies to use to grow your email list from Facebook, so you have a pool of potential customers to tap into anytime you want to generate consistent sales.

Pages Optimize your online Facebook page with the right information. From the very basics of how to set up your business page and what information you absolutely must include to how to design an attention-grabbing cover image, you’ll learn how to create a professional and effective business page.

Each Direct Hands On Training Includes Simple and Easy-to-Follow Steps You Can Use to Make Incremental Sales Leaps in Your Business Using Facebook Ads.​

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Find in this Online Course:

Module 1 Understanding Facebook for Your Business

  • How to use Facebook the same way highly successful companies use it to increase sales and brand awareness
  • What the common Facebook and online marketing terminology everybody is using actually means
  • The Facebook Ad Policies you need to know so your ads get approved and you don’t get banned
  • The #1 worst mistakes you can make when creating your Facebook Ads
  • The incredible approach to creating your ideal client avatar (when you go through this, you’ll know exactly who your ideal client is and how to target them on Facebook)
  • What lead magnets really are and how to create an irresistible free offer that has your ideal client begging you to take their email addresses
  • The step-by-step process to set up your Facebook Page and ninja trick to optimize your profile to get leads more easily
  • Clear and easy-to-follow worksheets, including your:
  • Ideal Client Avatar Worksheet
  • Sales Funnel Roadmap
  • Facebook Ad Starter Kit

Module 2 Getting Started with Facebook Ads

  • Exactly how to set up your Facebook Ad account without a tech-tantrum or a marketing meltdown
  • How to navigate Power Editor without getting lost or clicking on random buttons and tabs in no order

(these are over-the-shoulder step-by-step live tutorials where I share my screen with you, so you know exactly what to do) 

Module 3 Structure of an Ad Campaign

  • Why you need to know the goal of each ad, how to instantly identify what objective to use on Facebook, and how to set up your entire campaign level for maximum results
  • How laser-focused audience targeting works, how to target based on demographics, buyer behaviors, and competitor audiences, and how to set up every aspect of targeting and budgeting on the ad set level
  • How to select your ad format, upload your image or video, the exact size of image you need to use, and where to put your website URL, headline, and ad text
  • An insider look of a Facebook Ad dissected, so you know exactly where the text, image, headline, button, and website URL shows up on a Facebook Ad
  • Plus a complete guide to ad objectives you can print and keep in front of you each time you create an ad

Module 4 Ad Elements

  • Ad Copy: ​The secret tips, principles, and strategies professional copywriters use to write ads that get people to stop, click, and purchase  
  • Ad Images:​ What your ad images should do to attract and connect with customers, the colors you should avoid like the plague and embrace like a hundred dollar bill for scroll-stopping ads, and examples of some of the best images that get people’s attention  
  • Landing Pages: ​The little unknown fact that Facebook does review your landing page, what a landing page is, how to use it for your business, and how to design landing pages that get people to take action on your offerings  
  • Plus a bonus printable worksheet with an ad breakdown that you can keep in front of you every time you create an ad

Module 5 Ad Types

  • Video Ads: ​How to use video ads to warm up a cold audience no matter what you sell (For example, you’ll be amazed at how you can capture people who watch a percentage of your videos and retarget them). You’ll also learn why Facebook is giving video ads more reach, types of video ads, what to include in your video ads, and how you can easily create a video with your iPhone  
  • Carousel Ads: ​What a carousel ad is, how many links and headlines you can use, which types of businesses these are best suited for, when to use them, and examples of effective carousel ads  
  • Messenger Ads ( aka Messenger Bots): ​What I’ve learned from Facebook Experts like Rick Mulready, Digital Marketer, and Social Media Examiner about Messenger Ads, the two types of ads you can use, and why and how you can use them for your business, and the real dangers that could seriously harm your business you MUST be aware of when using them  
  • Plus a bonus video script outline that spells out exactly what to say for a video ad ( if you want to do a video ad, but have no idea what to say, this baby’s your ticket)

Module 6 Targeting

  • What many people do in their ads that could cost you hundreds or thousands in lost dollars
  • How to duplicate an ad so you can save hours reproducing effective ads that worked and don’t have to start from scratch every time
  • Where to go to view your audience insights and the unexpected information you can find that’s useful for future ad campaigns
  • What Facebook Ad split testing is, where to start, what to test in what order, and how to test so you actually glean valuable information you can use to make sound advertising decisions
  • The type of custom audiences you can create and what to do with hot, warm, and cold leads to move them all into “buyer’s mode” for your products or services
  • How to create custom audiences, look-alike audiences, and saved audiences inside of Facebook to get enormously profitable results from customers who’ve interacted with you or new people who are more likely to buy from you, because they behave like your best customers
  • Plus a bonus printable targeting worksheet with instructions to help you identify exactly who you should target

Module 7 The Facebook Pixel

  • What it is and how to use it to optimize your ads for the critical actions you want buyers to take
  • Where to find your pixel and an easy 3-step process to set it up
  • The exact place to put your pixel to accurately track conversions and actions
  • Two different ways to track conversions, how to track both, and the easiest, most efficient one to choose to eliminate Facebook Ad frustration
  • Plus a 3-step pixel process checklist to use to make sure your pixel is installed and tracking properly

Module 8 Building Ads

  • Conversion Ad: The number one main goal of a website conversion ad, when and how to use it, a step-by-step live demo that shows you exactly how to set one up in Facebook, and an over-the-shoulder walkthrough of a successful conversion ad  
  • Traffic: Why you can use a traffic ad to warm up cold audiences plus the number one main goal of a traffic ad, when and how to use it, a step-by-step live demo that shows you exactly how to set one up in Facebook, and an over-the-shoulder walkthrough of a successful traffic ad  
  • Strategic Boosted Post:​ The one way you can use that easy “boost post” button more strategically, so when you’re “getting more eyeballs on your post” you’re doing so with a future objective and plan in mind  
  • Lead Generation Ad: ​The number one main goal of a lead generation ad, when and how to use it, a step-by-step live demo that shows you exactly how to set one up in Facebook, and an over-the-shoulder walkthrough of a successful lead generation ad  
  • Video Views: ​The number one main goal of a video view ad, when and how to use it, a step-by-step live demo that shows you exactly how to set one up in Facebook, and an over-the-shoulder walkthrough of a successful video view ad  
  • Retargeting Campaigns: ​What retargeting really is and how to create an incredible retargeting campaign that gets visitors reengaged, remembering you, and reaching for that buy or hire button

Module 9 Budgeting

  • How to determine your ad budget, the absolute minimum you should spend to get new customers and grow your business, the only percentage you should increase your ad budget by each time, and how long to test ads when you’re starting out

Module 10 Reporting

  • The exact results you should track, what they mean, and how to use boring ol’ reports to glean highly important information that can catapult your Facebook Ads success
  • How to create custom reports in Power Editor to get to the right results that paint a bigger picture plus a live demo of exactly how to set up and save your reports
  • A downloadable guide to track your results and use as a reference for metric definitions, guidelines, and benchmarks

Now, what if you had even more at your fingertips to help you succeed with Facebook Ads in every possible way?

Sound impossible?

Here are the bonuses you get when you purchase The Facebook Ads Classroom, so you...

Never Worry About Facebook Ads Again!

Plus over $1,900 worth of Bonuses:

Student Community Icon

BONUS #1: Join the Facebook Ads Classroom Community​ absolutely free and get immediate access to other students and businesses for more insight, input, and “I felt that way too” support ($497 Value)

Monthly Q&A Icon

BONUS #2: Monthly Q & A sessions with moi ( the Facebook Ads strategist) where we’ll cover new updates and your Q&As and struggle points ($497 Value) 

Bonus Lesson Icon

BONUS #3: Create Your Own Facebook Group Bonus Lesson: Why you should and how you can create your very own Facebook group of raving and engaged followers who support your business ($97 Value) 

Resource Guide Icon

BONUS #4: Complete Resource Guide​ that shows you exactly where to go to find...

  • stunning free and paid images
  • user-friendly free sites you can use to create your ads
  • what programs to use to create videos
  • where to go to record your screen and voice over slides
  • great sites for generating headlines and blog post ideas
  • top programs for business, campaign, and ad organization
  • best landing page software
  • most popular and reputable email service providers
  • where to go for fun emojis to use in your Facebook Ads copy  
Funnel Starters Icon

BONUS #5: Funnel Starters Guide​ that maps out a basic sales funnel strategy, funnel with an upsell and tripwire, video ad retargeting funnel, content upgrade funnel, and discount funnel ($297 Value) 

Facebook Ads Swipe File Icon

BONUS #6: Facebook Ads Inspiration Swipe File ​with some of the best, highest converting Facebook Ad examples you can use as inspiration to create your own high converting Facebook Ads ($97 Value)

Email Swipe File Icon

BONUS #7: Email Swipe File: Are you launching a webinar to sell your product or course? Facebook ads are a great tool to get attendees on the webinar, but often times the emails SELL the course/product that you’re selling. Grab the exact email swipe file that I used for this launch! It includes pre-webinar emails that I sent subscribers who opt into my free training and post webinar emails that were sent to both attendees and ‘no-shows’. Each email has a unique spin to the copy that helps to build a relationship with the subscriber. They offer tips, case studies, testimonials, Q&As and each email includes copy that provides a sense of urgency to enroll in my course. ($497 Value)  

In each video lesson, you’ll learn some of the most fascinating and powerful Facebook Ads “secrets” including...

  • The one time you should never use “instant access” in your Facebook Ad
  • How Facebook reserves the right to reject, remove, or approve your ad for any reason with no warning and how to keep your Facebook Ad account from getting shut down  
  • How to create ads within Facebook’s rules and use them to your advantage so you get more reach  
  • Exactly what ad content is prohibited, so you avoid getting into trouble and flagging your business
  • Why you can’t point out personal attributes, such as suggesting a person needs to lose 30 pounds or make an unattainable promise
  • The secret ways to reduce your cost-per-click without having to start completely over...
  • Exactly how much text you should have on your ad, how to check whether your ad will receive lower reach, and how to know whether you should adjust it
  • Why trigger words, such as the word “pills” can get your ad rejected, the trigger words Facebook doesn’t like that you should avoid, and what to do if your ad has a trigger word in it

Even if you think:

  • “I’m not tech-savvy, so I wouldn’t know the first thing about getting into Power Editor.”
  • “I don’t know what the heck this Facebook pixel everyone talks about is.”
  • “I’m not a designer or copywriter, so I don’t know how to write ad copy or create ad images that work.”
  • “I don’t just need to learn ads, I need to learn how to even use Facebook for my business.”
  • “Besides ads, I need a complete Facebook marketing strategy.”

There is nothing to fear, because I’m here. Who am I REALLY btw?

I’m Laura Ball, creator of The Facebook Ads Classroom Course, Certified Facebook Ads Strategist, and (like I said before) Facebook Ads Freak.

Using the exact skills I teach you in this course, I’ve helped oodles of entrepreneurs grow their businesses, sales, and email lists using Facebook Ads.

I’ve also used Facebook Ads to grow my own business from no email list and zero clients to a growing list of warm, responsive buyers and a thriving client base who is seeing incredible results using Facebook Ads to grow their businesses.

My “Quick Start Guide to Facebook Ads” course was featured as a bonus in Jen Lehner’s “My Little Course,” Catherine Dove’s “Course Creators Inner Circle,” Terri Johnson’s “Mompreneur 101,” and Abby Ashley’s “Tech Lab” from Virtual Savvy.

Grow Your Business First and Your Business Page Second by Increasing Your Revenue Not Just Your Likes, Comments, and Shares 

In The Facebook Ads Classroom, we cover basic how-to’s and more advanced techniques in an easy-to-understand format you can reference and watch again and again, so you actually get results from your Facebook Ads.

The Facebook Ads Classroom is perfect for you if…

  • you’ve run Facebook Ads for your business, but the results were crappy
  • you want to reach more people more often who need your products or services
  • you’re a Facebook Ads newbie and feel intimidated by Facebook Ads, but know you need them to grow your business
  • you’re ready to scale your business and see bigger results from your advertising that directly contributes to your bottom line
  • you do ( or plan to) manage Facebook Ads for clients to expand your business services
  • you want to grow your email list with the right potential customers who get you and are willing and ready to buy from you

My students and followers come from all backgrounds and industries.

It’s for people with a side hustle, beginner entrepreneurs, and seasoned business owners.

It’s for the... 

  • Virtual Assistant
  • Digital Marketer
  • Online Course Creator
  • Educator
  • Mompreneur
  • Health Coach
  • Business Coach
  • Social Media Manager
  • Photographer
  • Therapist
  • Personal Trainer
  • Web Designer
  • Copywriter
  • Consulting Business
  • Web Developer 

Virtual Assistants - at the end of this course you’ll know everything you need to know to add FB Ads as a service you offer 

Doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, this classroom is YOUR turf and I’ll get you to where you need to go on the magic carpet ride that is Facebook Ads

What do you get with The Facebook Ads Classroom in a nutshell?

  • 10 online training modules you can access anywhere, at anytime, from anyplace (as long as you have internet access and a device)
  • Fillable workbooks, resource guides, cheat sheets, and checklists you can print and keep with you
  • Monthly access to Laura for new Facebook updates and live Q&As
  • A private Facebook support group with like-minded business owners and regular feedback and tips from Laura
  • Bonus courses and training 

“I spent $400 on FB Ads and made over $17,000 in tracked sales!”

Nicole Begley Profile Photo

“I would run a few FB ads, never really knowing if they were effective. I was also TOTALLY overwhelmed with the details of FB ads, and I wanted to keep launch costs down for my new course. Laura helped me run a TARGETED ad campaign that reached my warm audience and introduced my business to a new cold audience. We spent $400 on FB ads, which resulted in over $17,000 of tracked conversions! I was surprised by how easy it was.”

- Nicole Begley of Nicole Begley Photography

Screenshot of Nicole Begley's Facebook Ads Stats

“I more than tripled my email list using Facebook Ads thanks to Laura!”

“I had never done Facebook Ads before. I was nervous I’d be taken advantage of because I really didn’t know anything and it was apparent. Laura exceeded my expectations. I didn’t expert her to be so invested in the success of the ads. She wanted them to work with all of her heart and soul and I felt so taken care of. My ad converted like crazy! I more than tripled my email list using the ads and I had incredible conversions in sales. Investing in Laura’s help was the best investment of my life.” 

- Chanie Wilschanski, Early Childhood Education Strategist

Chanie Wilschanski Profile Photo
Screenshot of Chanie Wilschanski's Facebook Ads Stats

Get your hands on The Facebook Ads Classroom for just $997 $697(or 6 payments of $197 $147) USE CODE "CYBERMONDAY" FOR $300 OFF!

In this self-study, go-at-your-own-pace course, you can master Facebook Ads as fast or slow as you want.

As Long As You Have Internet You Have Lifetime Access

Are you ready to have me as your wingman and finally see incredible results with Facebook Ads?

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Jen Lehner Profile Photo
Terri Armenta Profile Photo

“Laura is not only brilliant, but over-the-top helpful and caring! She is the ONLY FB Ads strategist I recommend to my students and colleagues.”

“Every year I hire a Facebook expect to help teach the students in my social media summer camp how to rock their Facebook ads. This year I knew I wanted Laura Ball to be that person. Laura has impressed me so much as not only a person who is completely brilliant when it comes to Facebook ads, but someone who is over-the-top helpful and caring. Laura Ball is my go-to person for FB ads and she is the only FB ads person who I recommend to my students and colleagues.” 

- Jen Lehner, Digital Marketing Strategist & Online Course Creator at

“I went from knowing nothing to creating successful ads which increased traffic to my business!”

“Take Laura’s Facebook Ads course. I went from knowing nothing to creating successful ads which increased traffic to my business. Laura’s expertise went beyond the course in that she avails herself to answer questions you may have once your ads are up and running. I highly recommend her and enrolling in her Facebook Ads course.”

- Terri Armenta, Forensic Educator and Online Course Creator

Nicole Karon Profile Photo
Ashley Kennedy Profile Photo

“Laura knows the nitty gritty of Facebook and proves it!”

“Laura knows the nitty gritty of Facebook not too many out there can say (and what I really mean is PROVE) that. She saved me loads of time with some issues I had. I was so grateful. She goes over and beyond for her students. She’s a joy and super informative.”  

- Nicole Karon, Life Coach at

“Laura's authentic connection with me on Facebook was just one thing that sold me on her course”

“Another Facebook ad 'guru' had her course on sale at the same time as Laura’s course. It was the same price and I weighed both. But these things sold me on Laura’s course: her authentic connection with me on Facebook, the testimonials on her sales page and her mention of how it helps VAs ( what I will be using it for).  

The testimonials were very specific with results and how she helps step-by-step and quickly. There’s nothing worse than using a course to create something and having to wait a week for the course creator to respond.”

- Ashley Kennedy, Founder of The Creative Freedom Virtual Assistant

Sarah Cousins Profile Photo
Nicola McLellan Profile Photo

“The insider tips Laura shares are seriously worth their weight in gold”

“Laura has this wonderful knack of taking the daunting world of FB advertising and making it friendly and manageable, so you can set up power pixels and campaigns feeling confident and accomplished. 

Laura always goes the extra mile to support you and the insider tips she shares are seriously worth their weight in gold.

Even if you *think* you know everything there is to know about FB ads, I'd recommend Laura's FB series. I've gained new insight, ideas and strategies as a result. ”

- Sarah Cousins, Founder of Ideas Girl

“I had more sign ups in 1 week than the previous 3 months!”

“I have always found Facebook Ads to be very tricky to get right. With Laura’s help and advice, I had more sign ups to my free course in 1 week than in the previous 3 months! Can’t recommend working with Laura enough.” 

- Nicola McLennan, Osteopath & founder of Sports Rehab Therapy

Frequently Asked Questions

Orange Circle with Question Mark

How is your course different from other Facebook ad courses?  

My course not only teaches you HOW to run facebook ads with live demos and tutorials, but I also teach what needs to happen before your run facebook ads. We talk strategies, funnels, email sequences and overall Facebook marketing.

Orange Circle with Question Mark

I’m a beginner, will this course help me? AND Laura, I’m more advanced, will this course help me?

My course is incredibly comprehensive. It helps both beginners and those who have run ads here and there, but just don’t understand how to scale, how to read the results, etc. I start from the basics and I work my way up with step-by-step advanced training.

Facebook Ads are a lot like sports, you have to keep revisiting the foundational skills and sometimes you actually haven’t mastered the basics even though you’ve been doing something for awhile. So, if you are more advanced, I’m certain this will help you achieve your goals. And, if you’re a beginner, you’ll learn everything you need to get up and running with Facebook Ads with easy-to-follow, step-by-step training videos.

A recent student, Leesa Scott, recently sent me a message that said, “Laura, this course is a powerhouse! Thank you!” There’s training, tips, and resources that will help you get better results no matter where you’re at on your Facebook Ads journey.  

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How will the monthly Q & A sessions work?

I will post a thread inside the group a few days before to collect your questions and post when I'll be live. 

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I’ve already purchased a few Facebook Ad courses and the course creator wasn’t very active in the Facebook group so I felt like I didn’t have any help after I completed the course. How is this course different? I hear you. There are MANY Facebook Ad courses out there. You can read my students’ feedback throughout this page. I’m a teacher at heart and truly want you to succeed. I also pride myself on being SUPER helpful to my students. I’m in the private Facebook group and you’re just a ‘tag’ away from getting ME (not a VA. Not a community manager.), but ME to answer your questions. 

Spend a day in my Facebook group and you’ll find that I’m available to help, offer feedback, and give you advice. I’m a ‘step-by-step’ kinda girl and my style of teaching is to hold your hand through the Facebook Ad process. 

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Laura, is there a payment plan?

Yes, absolutely! Once you click through to purchase and enroll, you will have the choice to spread your payments over 6 months at just $197 per month or pay in full and save $185.

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Do you offer a money back guarantee?

I sure do! I offer a 30 day money back guarantee, however, I require you go through the course and complete all of the worksheets before I refund in full. I know my course works and my step by step method of teaching makes even the most complex topics easy to understand and apply.

Are you ready to have me as your wingman and finally see incredible results with Facebook Ads?

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I'm so confident that you will get amazing results with your Facebook Ads after completing this course, I am willing to offer you a 30 day money back guarantee.

All that's required is that you go through the course and complete all of the worksheets before requesting a refund.

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